5 Tips To Get Your Comments Appreciated And Seen

Valued Reader,

We will take a look at establishing the best sites and how to leverage Millions of Visitors to your advantage, with free tactics so please stop buying traffic packages already.

However, before you even get started it is crucial that you know exactly what you’re talking about. And the only way you can have yourself in that position is to actually purchase and test what you intend to promote.

Knowledge Is Power – And THAT will Never Change. And that is also exactly why it takes time to make real money online. Personal experience is crucial if you’re going to convince the audience you’re about to engage that you have a solution. It’s like a sequence of chain links, perfectly placed and the first link will always be knowledge combined with passion. This is also why it comes highly recommended to decide on what you love doing most, and the reason that most successful online marketers make a lot of money with things like their hobbies.

Know Where You’re Going – Direction is SO Much more important than speed, and many newbies are going nowhere… lightning fast. Slow down to a gallop, you’ll never win the race because it is an Art to make money online, not a Contest. After you have decided on your profitable niche, based on your most loved interest you will have a better idea of your direction.

When You Share Links – Ensure that you NEVER share raw Affiliate Links anywhere, with no exception. When comment windows do not provide you with an option to share your website or blog, then do not put a link in your comment. You simply link to your Professional Profile, from where your visitor will be able to access your work. When you are provided with the option, like on this very blog’s comment windows then you never share affiliate links whether cloaked or otherwise. You share only links to your Personal Blogs, Websites and Email List landing Pages because that’s just how Professionals Do It.

What You Comment – This is so important because if you’re just going to blabber then rather don’t comment at all. Blabbering gets you nowhere, and in most cases all professional webmasters will simply delete your desperate attempt at a sale. Blabbering normally goes hand in hand with the sharing of affiliate links which is a Huge Mistake. You never share any links in a comment, unless the comment window provide you an option to do so.

A professional comment window will normally offer you an option to include your Name, Email and Website. This is the only place where you share a link, and if it is not provided here then you simply comment relevance and leave it at that. It’s called branding, and your name is already included in your comment. Always brand your name as an Affiliate Marketer and never just a single product because it widens your capability considerably.

If you have limited knowledge on the topic you wish to comment on, then simply comment something like a compliment to the writer or blogger. Simply thanking someone goes a lot further than sharing affiliate links. Besides, you Never Share Raw Affiliate Links anywhere for that matter because it portrays desperation and mirrors you as a non-professional.

Where You Comment – This is extremely important because it determines the quality and quantity of your engagement. Many newbies fall victim to commenting on sites that are not even indexed in Google yet. Now on this exact same blog where you are reading this post, you will find the “Tools I Use” page where you can access both the PR Checking and Site Visitor Checking tool. You will also be able to read the short instruction on how to use these tools properly.

The Google Page Rank Checking tool will basically show you whether a site in fact indexed in Google, and also the particular site page rank. With the “Similar Web” tool, you will be able to check on how many visitors a particular site receives, but more importantly from where.

This is crucial because it all has to do with your GEO targeting, get that wrong and it will annihilate any chance of sales online. Simply put, I’m from South Africa and I can tell you now that if you’re going to promote a product that would cost around $1000 you may just be wasting your time. $1,000 is roughly around 14,000 ZAR (South African Rand) and most average people don’t even earn that a Month. So, your product will be unaffordable to most of your visitors.

Always make sure that your product can be affordable, but more importantly useful to your visitor. This is exactly why product knowledge is so important. Know your product and know your audience.

Why You Comment – This is the easy one, because you’re obviously commenting because you want to get some traffic to your own website or blog, right? And that is also why your own website and blog is so important because it’s simply much more professional to share a link or domain that you personally own. That is how all the professional and successful affiliate marketers are doing it, and also how they are raking in the life changing kind of incomes online.

Why you comment makes out part of your content in your comment as you must inspire a certain desire within your reader. Focus on the content of the particular writing you are commenting on and offer something useful to add to the already relevant post. You must have an end goal so to speak, and commenting is going to be a lot of work and it may very well take a lot of time before you see results from your efforts.

Quick Recap – Decide what you want to do and base your Audience, Product and Keyword Research on that. Utilise those results and target the relevant audience with the needed advice based on an identified need within your Niche. Create Relevant and Useful content to share with your audience, based on your personal experience and results, it will do wonders in getting recognised as a Professional.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Kick the Television Habit and Open Up Your World

When did you realize you watch too much television? Did you notice the things you’ve lost from all that time in front of the screen? You’re invited to come out of the glowing haze and enjoy your own creativity.

Television can provide news, information, and entertainment but it comes at a price. The New York Times reported from Nielsen and Netflix statistics that the average American watches more than five hours per day and over thirty-five hours a week. That’s enough time for someone to work a second full time job. That’s quite a price when translated into precious time away from one’s own personal productivity.

The small bits of time spent in front of the television through the day add up. How many current shows are your favorites? One, two, four, or more? Don’t fool yourself into believing that it is only once or twice a week.

If you are the type of person who likes to hear the news in the background while at home, how often do you stop what you’re doing to catch a news segment that piqued your interest? How often do you come home so exhausted that you just sit on the couch and watch mindlessly because your brain is “too fried” for anything else? There’s no arguing the fact that television is an easy distraction.

What are we missing because of our television habit? The list can easily grow. We miss out on healthy eating, pleasant conversations over dinner, spending time with friends, taking up a hobby, or joining a volunteer organization.

Some people may use television as a “crutch” to avoid doing other things that are more meaningful. Shy people may find it easier to stay home in front of reruns rather than make new friends or take a class.

One of the biggest downsides to excessive television watching is letting other people’s imaginations entertain you. Harnessing your own creativity has many wonderful benefits for mental and physical health. Why sit and watch what other people have created when you can be the creator?

Playing music or writing poetry are excellent activities for the brain. Why watch sports when you can play sports in your local leagues? It’s more than becoming less sedentary. Activities will challenge the mind and help ward off depression, dementia, and immune system illness.

Have you ever thought of entertaining others with your own creative pursuits? Do you like a good mystery? Write your own. Direct a play with your local theater group. Compose your own music and get others to perform with you. If you’re a newsy type person, you can investigate events and report them on video blogs. Can you paint or build? Can you become a good speaker on a topic? The activities you enjoy watching can be activities you enjoy doing.

Our communities would benefit from more “live and in person” art and education. The enrichment to our neighborhoods can be extraordinary when we share our crafts and ideas. Start with any small interest and get off the couch. The world needs your talent.